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In 2022, Canton proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary in speaker development. We honor this with the revival of ERGO & KARAT as the GS EDITION. ERGO, Canton's first floor-standing speaker model from 1979, impresses with full active technology & intelligent control systems. "GS" stands for our founder, Günther Seitz, and symbolizes our commitment to cutting-edge technology. The limited models preserve their uniqueness. The latest member of the GS Edition family is the Reference GS Edition, our most exclusive speaker with the finest components.

Know-How from Over 50 Years

Günther Seitz, founder of Canton, has infused over 50 years of experience and know-how into the development of the GS Editions. The initials "GS" stand for Günther Seitz and symbolize his vision and passion for exceptional speakers. With the GS Edition, he has realized a dream, combining the best technical innovations and the accumulated knowledge from all Canton speakers.

Design Icons

Our ERGO GS and KARAT GS EDITION revisit the timeless design of the original models. The ERGO GS EDITION features four high-end speaker drivers, including two 200 mm woofers, and an angled baffle for optimal acoustics. The KARAT GS Edition employs ceramic-tungsten technology and an aluminum oxide ceramic tweeter system.

BCT Membran

The GS Edition speakers are equipped with the best material we have developed for membranes: ceramic tungsten. These drivers are manufactured through a complex process at our Canton factory. The result is a membrane with an optimal ratio of stiffness to weight, improved internal damping, and a warm tonal quality.

Ergo GS Edition

Canton GS Edition: Limited Masterpieces of Speaker Art

The Canton GS Edition represents exclusive speaker boxes that make any home theater and HiFi system an unparalleled sound experience. This limited series includes three different models, each considered a milestone of the past decades. Every product in this series bears the signature of Günther Seitz, the founder of Canton, and stands for the highest quality and unique design.

Reference GS Edition: The Pinnacle of HiFi Sound

The heart of the GS Edition is undoubtedly the Canton Reference GS speaker. These high-end speakers are the result of decades of research and development. They offer an unparalleled HiFi sound that will captivate even the most discerning audiophiles. With their elegant design, they are not only acoustic but also visual highlights. The Reference models belong to the high-end speaker best lists and are a must for anyone who wants true luxury speakers in their home.

Ergo Speakers: The Timeless Design Classic

The Ergo speakers of the GS Edition are a tribute to the classic designs of the HiFi world. These floor-standing speakers combine the highest quality materials with modern technology and deliver powerful, clear sound. Thanks to the limited edition, they are not only a delight for the ears but also a coveted collector's item. Ergo speakers are especially popular as floor-standing speakers and fit perfectly with any HiFi system and vintage HiFi.

Design Speakers High End: Perfection in Form and Function

The third model of the GS Edition is the Karat GS Edition. These high-end HiFi speaker models are characterized by their unique design and top-notch craftsmanship. They are not only speakers but also design furniture that enhances any room. Their high-end floor-standing speaker technology ensures an impressive sound experience that brings every piece of music and every film to life. The high-quality speakers of the GS Edition are proof that sound and design can perfectly complement each other.

High-Quality Equipment for the Best Sound

All models of the GS Edition are equipped with high-end speaker cables that ensure optimal signal transmission. These wired speakers guarantee an unadulterated, pure sound. Together with a HiFi amplifier, the models of the GS Edition form the perfect stereo system set that leaves nothing to be desired. The combination of speaker boxes and amplifier provides a harmonious sound image that makes even the finest nuances audible.

Unique Offers for HiFi Enthusiasts

The GS Edition not only offers exclusive speakers but also attractive HiFi deals. For those looking for affordable high-end speakers, Canton offers a variety of options. These HiFi speakers are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to combine the charm of classic HiFi devices with the latest technology. The HiFi market offers numerous opportunities to turn your own four walls into a sound paradise.

Conclusion: The Canton GS Edition

The Canton GS Edition is more than just a series of speakers. It is a statement of quality, design, and sound perfection. Each model of this limited edition is a masterpiece that reflects the history of the HiFi world. Whether Canton Reference GS, Ergo GS speakers, or the Karat GS as design speakers – each model offers an unparalleled sound experience and is a true highlight for any HiFi enthusiast.

Invest in the future of your home theater and HiFi system with the exclusive speakers of the Canton GS Edition. Discover the diversity and quality of this unique series and experience HiFi sound at the highest level. With speakers from Canton, you turn your home into a place where music and films become an unforgettable experience.

The GS Edition from Canton is the epitome of high-end audio. It combines decades of experience, technical innovation, and unique design in every single model. Let yourself be inspired by these high-quality speakers and enjoy sound in perfection.