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Smart App

The Canton Smart App enables easy control and streaming of music and other audio content via an intuitive app that offers a personalised listening experience through customisable settings and high-resolution streaming. The app also supports preset storage and easy device integration into the home network. Compatible products include various smart speakers and soundbars that can be seamlessly connected. Translated with (free version)


Stream your favorite music via Spotify, Deezer or Tidal and many other streaming services

Internal Apps

Listen to your favorite radio stations, podcasts and Deezer playlists and save them directly to one of 10 presets

Radio stations & Podcasts

Listen to your favorite radio stations or podcasts regionally or internationally in high quality for free

10 Presets

With the 10 preset buttons you can save all content from the internal apps and Spotify on a single device or speaker groups.


Stream the same or different music to every room in your home

Device and music control

Control all content of the smart speakers in your network and keep an overview of all devices

High-resolution music playback

The Smart App always automatically selects the highest available resolution (maximum 24bit, 192 kHz)

Sound settings

Control all sound settings such as bass, midrange and treble as well as different play modes. Set the exact listening distance and volume per speaker as well as many other functions

Add new devices

Use the Smart App to find all network devices that are not yet integrated into the network and set them up. Likewise, set up your home theater setup within one room

of the App

The Canton Smart App offers a simple and intuitive way to control Canton Smart speakers and stream music, radio stations, podcasts and more. Key features include easy speaker control via the app, high-resolution music streaming from various services for a detailed sound experience, the ability to stream content to single or multiple speakers, and 10 preset buttons for quick access to favourite content and settings. The app also makes it easy to find and connect new devices on the network using Apple AirPlay 2 or Google Chromecast.

Compatible products include:

Smart Amp 5.1
Smart Connect 5.1
Smart Soundbar 9
Smart Soundbar 10
Smart Soundbox 3
Smart Sounddeck 100

Smart App FAQ

Here is the translation from German to English:

Setting up my smart device via Google Home® fails

1 Make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your mobile device.

2 Make sure the DHCP server on your Wi-Fi router is enabled.

3 Make sure the MAC address filter on your router is disabled.

4 An image containing screenshots, multimedia software, and graphic software. Automatically generated description: The device was previously set up with another Google Home account on a different network. Reset the smart device to factory settings and repeat the setup process.

When setting up my smart device via Google Home, I receive an error message

1 Make sure the latest version of the operating system and Google Home is installed on your mobile device.

2 Press "Retry" 2-3 times.

3 Click on Privacy Settings, disable the "Local Network" entry and enable it again, return to Google Home, and press repeat.

4 If all this does not solve the problem, perform the setup with another mobile device (preferably Android).

When creating a Google Group, not all or no devices are displayed

1 The device must have been set up with Google Home. If the device was set up via AirPlay, it cannot be added to a group.

2 All devices must be linked to the same Google account used on the smartphone.

Setting up my smart device via Apple AirPlay is not possible

1 You have a first-generation smart device. Setting up via AirPlay is not possible with these.

2 Setup via Apple AirPlay is only possible 15 minutes after plugging in the power plug. Disconnect the device from the power again and reconnect it.

The settings of my smart device are lost

All settings you change in the speaker menu of your smart device, such as input, volume, and play mode, must be saved on a preset to be retained. Otherwise, the device may overwrite your settings with default values.

I cannot activate certain speakers on my Connect/Amp 5.1

With Connect/Amp 5.1, only 2 analog and 3 wireless speaker pairs and a center as well as a subwoofer with the same connection type can be activated. It is not possible to activate 3 analog or 4 wireless speaker pairs.

Is synchronous playback on multiple devices possible?

Yes, however, creating a group within the Google Home APP is required.

What content can I save on presets?

You can save all content from the internal apps of the Canton APP as well as Spotify playlists on the presets of the smart device.

What device settings are saved on the presets?

The input, main volume, play mode, and all settings except EQ, room height, and device height in the speaker settings menu are saved.

Are the device settings of the group members also saved on a preset?

No. Only the device settings of the device on which the preset is saved are saved. The device settings of the other group members are not saved.

A subwoofer connected to the Amp/Connect does not produce sound

This is normal behavior under the following conditions:

1 The front speakers are either defined as large or smart floor-standing speakers are connected, and

2 The input signal (such as PCM or Dolby Digital 2.0) contains no LFE signal.

3 If you set the SUB Stereo parameter in the Speaker Settings/Subwoofer Setup menu to Xover or parallel, the subwoofer will emit a signal in the Stereo and Party play modes despite the above conditions.

My Smart wireless linked Soundbox3 does not turn on with the Master (Soundbar, connect/Amp 5.1)

This can happen if you turn the Soundbox3 on and off, e.g., for music streaming to this one speaker without the Master, while the Master is in standby.

Can I use my Smart wireless linked Soundbox 3 standalone without the Master to stream music to just this speaker?

Yes, this is possible. The prerequisite is that the Master is in standby.

Can my smart speaker be connected to multiple Smart wireless Masters?

No, that is not possible. A smart speaker can only be paired with one Master. If a smart speaker is paired with a new Master, it will no longer connect to the previous Master.

Can I connect my Sound L/M as a Smart wireless center with a connect or Amp?

Yes, that is possible.

Can I connect my Soundbar 9/10 as a Smart wireless center with a connect or Amp?

No, that is not possible. If you need a flat Smart Center, use the Sound L or Sound M.

My Soundbox 3 is not visible in the Canton APP or any other APP.

The Soundbox is integrated into a Smart wireless system, and the Master is turned on. Put the Master in standby.

Can I operate my Canton Smart floor-standing or compact speakers, such as Vento 9 or GLE3, via the Canton APP?

This is only indirectly possible if you pair the speakers Smart wireless with a soundbar or an Amp/connect.

Can I still use the inputs of my Canton Smart speaker when it is Smart wireless paired with a soundbar or connect/Amp?

No, that is not possible. When a speaker is Smart wireless paired with a soundbar, Connect, or Amp, all inputs of the speaker are disabled.

My device cannot be fully operated via the Canton APP

1 Make sure the smart device is in the same network as your smartphone.

2 Make sure the Wi-Fi version of your smart device is 15493 or higher.

Is setting up the Smart devices via the Canton Smart APP possible?

No, setting up the network connection of the Canton Smart devices requires either the Google Home APP or Apple AirPlay setup.

Is creating a group via the Canton Smart APP possible?

No, creating a group requires the Google Home APP.

The Canton APP displays the error message "too many requests".

Your Canton Smart device is not up-to-date with the firmware. Make sure the Wi-Fi version of your Canton Smart device is 15493 or higher.

The app shows "Service not available."

1 Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your smartphone.

2 Make sure your smartphone is in the same network as a Canton Smart device. Without a Canton Smart device in the same network (e.g., while traveling), the APP is not usable.

Streaming a playlist to a group often ends after one track.

1 Make sure the smartphone from which the stream was started remains in the same network as the speaker group throughout the entire playlist.

2 Make sure the Canton APP continues to run on the smartphone from which the stream was started, either in the foreground or in the background. The APP must not be closed!

When I call up a preset of a speaker group directly on the device, playback starts only on this device.

Make sure a mobile device with a running APP is in the network.

The track length of all tracks on Deezer is limited to 30 seconds.

This is normal behavior when using a "Deezer Free Account". To listen to full-length tracks, a Deezer Premium Account is required.

What is the data rate of the internal APPS?

This depends on the data rate of the broadcaster or podcast. Many broadcasters offer several data rates. The Canton APP always uses the highest data rate. Broadcasters in the high-quality folder have a data rate of 256kp/s or higher. With Deezer, the data rate of 1411kb/s in Flac format is chosen.

My car radio automatically switches to Apple Carplay®.

Close the Canton APP when you are not in your network.

Can I send multiple streams from one mobile device to multiple devices?

This is only possible if you start the different streams from different apps. From the internal apps, this is only possible if you close and reopen the APP.

Are the radio and podcast favorites synchronized between multiple mobile devices?

No, the radio and podcast favorites are stored locally on the mobile device and are not synchronized between multiple mobile devices.

What is the difference between external and internal apps?

External apps are merely links to other apps that start the respective APP. Internal apps are services integrated into the Canton Smart APP. Only content such as playlists from internal apps and Spotify can be saved on presets.

My Canton Smart device is not displayed in the APP.

1 This can happen if you change the network while the APP is running. In this case, slide the start page upwards until an arrow appears. Release the display now to refresh the list. If the device is still not visible, close the app and restart it.

2 The standby mode of the device is set to ECO or Manual. In this case, the device is not visible in standby.

3 Your smartphone is in a different network than the Smart device.

How can I change the volume of the entire speaker group?

Option 1 (works only if the stream was started from this mobile device)

Enlarge the player by tapping the cover above the menu bar.

Now tap on the speaker icon.

Now you can change the group volume using the slider.

Option 2

Select a device from the group in the Rooms view.

Move the lower slider.

Can I register as a beta tester for the APP?

Yes, that is possible. Follow the following links for iOS:

My smart device shows unexpected behavior after the update.

1 Disconnect the device from the power supply for 30 seconds.

2 If this does not help, please perform an OTA restoration. You can find this function in the menu under System Settings/Factory Settings/OTA Restoration.

3 If this does not solve the problem, please reset the device to factory settings.

The values set under the presets are lost after the update.

This behavior depends on the components updated in the smart device and may occur under certain circumstances. In this case, you must reapply the settings and save them on the presets.

The radio connection between my Smart devices is lost after the update.

This can happen if the STS component in the device is updated. In this case, you must reconnect the Smart devices.

My smart device does not perform an update.

1 Make sure the smart device has a stable Wi-Fi/LAN connection at its location.

2 Disconnect the connections to the power grid and reconnect it after 30 seconds.