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Special Editions

For our loyal partners, we like to create very specialproducts. Whether it's an A 45 AUDIO EDITION for the anniversary of themagazine AUDIO or special dealer editions such as the SE 40 K, we create exciting products in a wide variety of forms. The special editions are developed in our factory in Weilrod, Germany. and manufactured by hand, carefully checked and securely packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.


A 45 AUDIO Edition

Standlautsprecher per piece

  • 3-way downfire bass reflex system
  • 340 watt music power handling
  • ceramic tungsten technology
  • magnetic fabric cover

SE 40 K

High-End floorstanding speaker per piece

  • 3-way downfire bass reflex
  • 440 Watt music power handling
  • Ceramic tungsten technology
  • Magnetic fabric cover