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Smart Sub 10


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Black silk matt

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  • Aktive Smart Wireless Technologie
  • 8" Titanium system
  • 200 watt music power handling
  • 42 x 16 x 42 cm

Item no.: 04247

Outstanding sound

Thrilling TV and music sound


Flexibly expandable with Smart Speakers

High quality

High-quality manufactured according to Canton quality standards

SUB 10

We're expanding our range of Canton Smart subwoofers with another model, the Smart SUB 10 active subwoofer, which can be inconspicuously integrated into living rooms thanks to its extremely flat cabinet. But there's no need to hide it away: the subwoofer, which is only 155 millimetres high, is extremely elegant and refined. This is ensured by the high-quality workmanship of the well-proportioned cabinet, which satisfies the highest quality and design demands with high-gloss, multiple layers of lacquer and a scratch-resistant glass surface. The Smart SUB 10 can be easily connected wirelessly to all products in the Smart series. Connected via cable, it also shows off its low-frequency talents to best advantage with other speakers. In combination with the high-performance 8-inch chassis, the 200-watt digital power amplifier ensures deep and powerful bass for music and film playback. For example, it can reinforce the low-frequency foundation of the Smart Soundbar 9 and Smart Soundbar 10 or provide powerful deep bass for our compact Smart Soundbox 3 speakers - for even more intense goosebump moments.

Flat design
full power

Not only hearing hi-fi and cinema, but also feeling it makes the listening experience really come alive. Our Smart SUB 10 subwoofer helps you experience your music and films in a new way. The low-frequency richness and dynamics it produces from its elegant and flat cabinet are truly astonishing. With very living space friendly dimensions, the wireless subwoofer allows you to create a stunning sound in your own four walls. At the same time, our clever SC technology protects the active subwoofer from any damage and ensures the lowest possible distortion. You can operate the smart subwoofer standing on the floor or hanging on a wall. The brackets are included in the scope of delivery. It also looks stunning: the white or black lacquered housing is topped with a polished and tempered glass surface that makes the subwoofer an elegant piece of furniture.


The Smart SUB 10 is the ideal partner for all our Smart speakers. Simply connect it wirelessly to the speakers and the listening fun can begin. You set the desired volume, the correct phase and the appropriate channel level via a Canton Smart product such as the Smart Soundbar 10 or the Smart Amp 5.1. Thanks to the downfire arrangement of the 220 millimetre woofer chassis with cellulose/graphite membrane, the subwoofer floods the entire listening room evenly with bass waves. Thanks to Canton's owna SC technology, the Smart SUB 10 generates enormously deep bass - with incredible level stability. The Smart SUB 10 active subwoofer makes it easy for you and switches on automatically as soon as an audio signal is present and also switches off again as soon as the movie pleasure has ended.

Smart Sub 10 Technical specifications

Smart Sub 10

Item no.: 04247


Warranty period:
2 years

Carton contents:
Smart SUB 10 Power cable Operating instructions

remote control:

Packing dimensions:
54 x 26 x 54 cm

Packing weight:
14 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD):
42 x 16 x 42 cm

Acoustic principle:

Direction of radiation active driver:

Woofer quantity:

woofer size:
219 mm

woofer material:
Cellulose / Graphite

Music performance:
200 watts

Transmission range:
27...150 Hz

Standby power consumption ECO/NSB/AUT/MAN:
0,32 watts

Extended data

1 x low level inputs (cinch)

Advanced connection information

Woofer Wave surround:

Double Cone:

Bass Guide:

Unit socket included:

Unit feet:

Height-adjustable unit feet:

Preparation spikes:

Adjustable volume:

Automatic switch on and off:

Room adjustment:

Signal processing:

Extended special features

Preparation absorber:

Loudspeaker terminals Banana plugs suitable:

Preparation for wall mounting:

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