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Power Sub 10

Active subwoofer system


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  • bass reflex system
  • 10 inch titanium driver
  • 330 watt music power
  • 32 x 43.5 x 45.5 cm (W x H x D)

Item no.: 04215

and Video

Our Power Sub 10 subwoofer helps you experience your music and films in a new way: Not only hearing music and films, but also feeling them makes the listening experience really atmospheric and lively. Thanks to its high-quality technical components and high amplifier power, the Power Sub 10 achieves this with ease. It also impresses with its high power handling and enormous dynamic reserves. By adding the Power Sub 10, your favourite music gains in power and liveliness and scores with increased spatiality. You'll experience action movies in a whole new way when the Power Sub 10 flexes its bass muscles in a controlled manner and makes the interior of your living room tremble. The subwoofer's full-featured active module delivers sufficient power to the two 257 mm woofers at all times. Our clever SC technology protects the active subwoofer from any damage and ensures the lowest possible distortion. The Power Sub 10 is particularly uncritical in terms of placement thanks to its "room compensation circuit", which allows three-stage adjustment of the low-frequency reproduction and thus ensures that the Power Sub 10 always reproduces clear and precise bass.

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The Power Sub 10 active subwoofer from Canton operates according to the bass reflex principle with a downfire passive cone. To guarantee precise mechanical performance, it is equipped with a lavishly dimensioned drive including the latest generation of wave surround technology. Compared to conventional surrounds, the multi-folded wave surround allows for a much longer excursion and reduces sound distortion. For maximum precision and correct impulse processing of the low-frequency signals, the Power Sub 10 uses a high-performance titanium woofer chassis and a passive radiator with a rigid MDF cone. The powerful active module delivers 330 watts of peak power in abundance for the woofer duo, which is equipped with long-throw 257 mm subwoofer drivers. Deep black bass with precisely defined contours and high overall dynamics make the Power Sub 10 the ideal playing partner for both stereo and home cinema systems. And with cabinet dimensions of 32 x 43.5 x 45.5 centimetres, the 15-kilogram subwoofer remains pleasingly compact. Its automatic switch-on and switch-off makes it easy to use in everyday life, and thanks to the controllability of volume, phase and crossover frequency, the Power Sub 10 harmonises with all stereo and home cinema speakers.

Power Sub 10 Technical specifications

Power Sub 10

Item no.: 04215


remote control:

15.0 kg

Packing dimensions:
55,5 x 51,5 x 42 cm

Packing weight:
19 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD):
32 x 43.5 x 45.5 (12.6'' x 17.1'' x 17.9'') cm

Acoustic principle:
Bass reflex with passive radiator

Principle passive resonator:
Bass reflex

Radiation direction resonator:

Direction of radiation active driver:

Woofer quantity:

woofer size:
257 mm

woofer material:
Titanium (Wave surround)

Nominal power:
200 watts

Music performance:
330 watts

Transmission range:
22...200 Hz

Crossover frequencies:
50...200 (adjustable) Hz

Standby power consumption ECO/NSB/AUT/MAN:
0,32 watts

Extended data

Advanced connection information

High-Level input:
2 high-level inputs (loudspeaker cable)

Low Level input:
2 low-level inputs (chinch)

Low Level output:

Woofer Wave surround:

Double Cone:

Bass Guide:

Unit socket included:

Unit feet:

Height-adjustable unit feet:

Preparation spikes:

Adjustable volume:

Automatic switch on and off:

Adjustable crossover frequency:

Room adjustment:

Signal processing:

Extended special features

Preparation absorber:

Loudspeaker terminals Banana plugs suitable:

Preparation for wall mounting:

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