Vento Sub 12

Active subwoofer

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The modern look of the new Vento

The Vento Sub 12 is an elegant, powerful active subwoofer - perfectly matched in appearance and technology to the new Vento series. Thanks to its harmonious proportions, the Vento Sub 12, which is available in three different finishes, can be stylishly integrated into any living ambience. In its high-quality cabinet with fine real-wood veneers or lacquers in "high-gloss finish", it offers the deepest bass and high bass dynamics. The active front-firing subwoofer shines with the latest driver technology from Canton: its 308 mm subwoofer chassis with a highly rigid titanium graphite diaphragm and the equally large downfire passive diaphragm enable excellent bass performance with maximum precision. Equipped with bass management and SC technology, it offers clean, powerful bass - whether freestanding, near a wall or positioned in a corner. To ensure that the Vento Sub 12 doesn't lack reserves even at high levels, we equip the subwoofer with a stable power amplifier and our triple-folded Wave surround. The Vento Sub 12 is a precise bass specialist, ideal for classic hi-fi applications as well as for use in a home cinema system.


Noble subwoofer for film and music

With our potent Vento Sub 12 active subwoofer, you can conjure up a lively and authentic atmosphere in your home cinema. Thanks to the high-quality technical equipment and the meticulous fine-tuning in our laboratories, the Vento Sub 12 plays precisely and dynamically. Your favourite music gains power and liveliness, and in stereo mode you will also experience an increased spatiality of your connected speakers. In a multi-channel home cinema system, it flexes its muscles in a controlled manner and impresses here with marrow-shaking bass. At the same time, Canton SC technology protects the Vento Sub 12 from any overloads and ensures the lowest possible distortion. Thanks to its "room compensation circuit", which allows for a three-stage adjustment of the low-frequency reproduction, the Vento Sub 12 is particularly uncritical when it comes to positioning it in the room - this enables the elegant subwoofer to reproduce bass clearly and precisely at all times.

Features and technology

The Vento Sub 12 active subwoofer operates according to the bass reflex principle with a downfire passive radiator. To guarantee precise mechanical performance, it is equipped with a generously dimensioned drive unit including the latest generation of wave surround technology. Compared to conventional surrounds, the multi-folded wave surround allows for a much longer excursion and reduces sound distortion. The highlight is our latest Titanium Graphite diaphragm material. Down to 20 Hertz, the active subwoofer brings out the deepest bass. The active module with digital power amplifier is equipped with high- and low-level inputs. Thanks to the DSP built into the Vento Sub 12 and its pre-programmed sound profiles, you can adjust the subwoofer exactly to the existing room acoustics and your personal listening habits.



We've redesigned the look and feel of our Vento premium speaker range. Thanks to the modern design, with discreetly curved side panels, rounded cabinet edges and high-quality surfaces with a perfect finish, the new Vento speakers have a very self-assured appearance. The harmoniously proportioned premium speakers offer a perfect balance between noble appeal, timeless elegance and powerful performance. This allows the Vento models to be used universally - they are an enrichment for the most diverse living spaces. Perfectly integrated into this series is our new Vento Sub 12 subwoofer, which brings precise, deep bass into your listening room from its elegant cabinet. Its excellent technical features will delight audiophiles and fans of high dynamics alike



Engineering Principle

Bass reflex with passive radiator

Nenn- / Musikleistung

250 / 400 watts

Frequency response

20...200 Hz

Crossover frequency

50...200 Hz (adjustable)


1 x 308 mm (12"), Titanium-graphite (Wave surround)
1 x 308 mm (12"), Passive radiator


2 high level inputs (loudspeaker cable)
2 low level inputs (chinch)


Automatic on/off switch
Adjustable volume
Adjustable phase limiter
Adjustable crossover frequency

Special Features

Oval fabric grill


5 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

44 x 52.5 x 51 cm (17.3" x 20.7" x 20.1")


31 kg

Power consumption

0,32 watt

Carton Content

Vento Sub 12
Fabric grill
Power chord


47.9 x 62 x 58.9 cm (18.9" x 24.4" x 23.2")
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