Smart SUB 12


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Smart Subwoofer
Smart Subwoofer

Active and wireless 

For the enjoyment of music and films

Our latest addition to the Canton Smart family is called Smart SUB 12 and will delight all those film and music fans who want to watch films and listen to music at an even faster pace than was previously possible. The SUB 12 is considerably more powerful than its little brother Smart SUB 8 and offers enormous low bass performance with unbridled dynamics. The smart wireless active subwoofer is already in its element from 22 hertz. And the subwoofer looks quite innocent at first: with its white or black painted cabinet and the polished glass plate on the top, the Smart SUB 12 blends into any living room. With its dimensions of 380 x 455 x 380 millimetres and the downfire design, it is welcome uncritical in terms of installation. The downfire subwoofer in cube form can be easily connected wirelessly with all products of the Smart series. Connected via cable, it also shows off its low-frequency talents to best advantage with other loudspeakers.



Audio and video

In combination with the high-performance 308 mm woofer chassis, the 200 watt digital power amplifier provides enormously deep and powerful bass for music and film playback. For example, it can impressively amplify the bass foundation of the Smart Soundbar 10 or a Smart GLE 3 - for even more intense goose bumps. The new Smart SUB 12 subwoofer helps you to experience your music and films in a new way. Its low-frequency response is impressive, and the achievable sound levels and overall dynamics ensure a stunning sound in your own four walls. With its living room-friendly dimensions and the ground and tempered glass surface, the white or black painted Smart SUB 12 also makes a powerful impression in your home - both visually and acoustically.


The Smart SUB 12 is the perfect playing partner for our Smart speakers and offers more sound pressure and depth than its little brother Smart SUB 8, thus also supporting the large floorstanding speakers with its enormous dynamics and impressive low bass. Simply connect it to the loudspeakers by radio and the listening fun can begin. The desired volume, the correct phase and the appropriate channel level can be set using a Smart product such as the Smart Soundbar 10 or the Smart Connect 5.1. Thanks to the downfire arrangement of the 308 millimetre bass driver, the subwoofer evenly floods the entire listening room with bass waves. Thanks to Canton's own SC technology, the Smart SUB 12 generates enormously deep bass from 22 Hertz with incredible level stability. The Smart SUB 12 makes it easy for you and switches on automatically as soon as an audio signal is present and switches off again as soon as the music and film pleasure has ended.

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Active Wireless Subwoofer

Engineering Principle

closed system

Musical output

220 watts

Frequency response

24...150 Hz (adjustable via a Smart Product)

Crossover frequency

50...150 Hz (adjustable)


1 x 308 mm (12,1"), Cellulose/Graphit (Downfire)


1 x low level inputs (Cinch)


Automatic on/off switch
Adjustable volume (adjustable with a Smart product)
Adjustable phase limiter (adjustable with a Smart product)

Special Features



2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

27 x 33 x 27 cm
(10.6'' x 13'' x 10.6'')


8.5 kg

Power consumption

0,32 Watt

Smart Soundbox 3
Smart Soundbar 9
Smart Soundbar 10
Smart Vento 3
Smart Vento 9
Smart GLE 3
Smart GLE 9
Smart Chrono SL 8

Carton Content

Smart SUB 8
Power cord


44 x 35 x 35 cm (17,3" x 13,8" x 13,8")

Weight including packaging

9,71 kg
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