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Reference 3

  • 3-way bass reflex system
  • Black Ceramic tungsten technology
  • 500 watts
  • 325 x 109 x 49 cm (W x H x D)

Item no.: 04400


32 x 109 x 49 cm (W x H x D) including base construction


500 watt music load capacity


42 kilogram

High-End Sound

Iconic sound for the highest quality demands

BCT diaphragm

Chassis with new BCT diaphragm (Black Ceramic Tungsten)

Cabinet shape

Sweeping cabinet shape for unlimited music pleasure


WBT terminals for optimal signal connection

Fabric cover

Acoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment


10 years warranty on Reference passive loudspeakers


The edge-free design of the Reference 3, with curved cabinet roundings not only ensures a modern design - it is the basis for perfect sound development, which is characterized by authentic spatial imaging and staggering of the music. Two woofers with high-strength BCT cones made of black ceramic tungsten and the large midrange driver made of the same material ensure excellent dynamic characteristics in the perfectly tuned 3-way speaker. In the BCT diaphragm, 25 percent of the molecular structure of an aluminum cone is converted into a ceramic structure and refined with tungsten and additional metal particles. As a result, the diaphragms achieve a perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio and turn black on the front and back surfaces during the creation process. In addition, the specially shaped black midrange ceramic cone in TCC technology stabilizes the membrane and reduces unwanted resonances. Thus, we achieve a precise and distortion-free reproduction. At the same time, the latest generation bass guide design allows uncomplicated placement of the speakers in medium-sized rooms with even distribution of bass waves.

Modern technology

The Reference 3 speakers contain the musical and sonic characteristics of their larger Reference siblings. For the impressive sound image, they use the BCT cones, the technically latest components in the mid- and low-frequency range. High-quality crossover components in the filter network, such as generously dimensioned air coils, low-loss metal oxide resistors and film capacitors, enable perfect interaction between the four speaker drivers. All drivers are clamped in triple folded wave surrounds, which allow enormous excursions and can thus generate intense dynamics. The two 192 mm woofers can fully develop in the ideal cabinet volume and deliver deep, powerful bass up to 20 Hertz with the support of the bass guide. The 174 mm midrange driver, with its broadband action in the frequency range from 180 Hertz to 3,000 Hertz, which is important for localization, provides a desired point source dispersion. The trio is rounded off by the precise 25 mm tweeter with black membrane made of aluminum oxide ceramic.

Sweeping design

The 109-centimeter-high Reference 3 are powerful speakers in elegantly shaped cabinets. Their curved side panels, gently sloping curved tops and round baffles create a flowing, harmonious design that skillfully conceals the large cabinet volumes. The newly designed base is not only a stable foundation for the speaker - it also forms the bass guide, which selectively radiates low-frequency tones to the front and back of the room in equal parts. Thanks to the newly developed asymmetrical cover rings, the four loudspeaker drivers sit flush with the surface and without visible screw connections in the baffle. In addition, the cover rings act as waveguides, optimizing sound dispersion in the midrange and treble range. Four individual, acoustically transparent and form-fitting fabric covers nestle against the baffle with magnetic adhesion.

Elegant appearance

We develop and manufacture the Reference loudspeakers in our factory in Weilrod in the Taunus region. The Reference 3 cabinets, which are made of high-quality multi-layer laminate, are extremely stable and undergo extensive surface finishing. Twelve layers of lacquer are required for the high-gloss black version with "piano finish" alone. Layer by layer, the cabinets are lacquered, sanded and finally polished. The result is a flawless high-gloss piano lacquer with an overwhelming depth effect. Equally impressive are the alternatively available finishes in white satin, which perfectly set off our Reference 3 in combination with the matte black diaphragms.

Perfect contact

The Reference 3's high-end binding posts come from established German manufacturer WBT. The low-mass WBT nextgen™ binding posts enable single, bi-wiring and bi-amping operation. The lower mass of the binding posts reduces eddy currents and ensures a superior sound image. If you do not want to use the bi-wiring or bi-amping mode, high-quality hard-gold-plated copper bridges are included.

per piece
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  • Black Ceramic tungsten technology
  • 820 watts
  • 39 x 133 x 63 cm (W x H x D)
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  • Bass reflex with passive diaphragm
  • 12" Black Ceramic tungsten technology
  • 750 watts
  • 49 x 59 x 53 cm (W x H x D)

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Triangle Trading Enterprise Irina Khojainova-Blättermann

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12203 Berlin
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MD Sound Electronic GmbH Martin Dittmeier

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Reference 3 Technical specifications

Reference 3

Item no.: 04400


Warranty period:
10 years

42 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD):
32 x 109 x 49 (B x H x T mit Sockel) cm

Acoustic principle:
3-way Bass reflex system

Principle passive resonator:
Bass reflex

Radiation direction resonator:

Tweeter quantity:

Tweeter size:
25 mm

Tweeter material:
Aluminum ceramic oxyd

Midrange driver quantity:

Midrange driver size:
174 mm

Midrange driver material:
Black ceramic tungsten (Wave surround)

Woofer quantity:

woofer size:
219 mm

woofer material:
Black ceramic tungsten

Nominal load capacity:
300 watts

Music load capacity:
500 watts

Transmission range:
20...40.000 Hz

Crossover frequencies:
180 / 3.000 Hz

4...8 ohm

Level adjustment :

Extended data

Efficiency 2.83V/1m:
88 db

WBT-Connector terminal with level adjustment

Dolby Atmos licensed:

Woofer Wave surround:

Midrange Wave Bead:

Front cover material:

Level adjustment tweeter:

Double Cone:

Transmission Front Plate:

DC switch technology:

Bass Guide:

Unit socket included:

Size supplement (WxDxH):
4x4x12 cm

Unit feet:

Height-adjustable unit feet:

Preparation spikes:

Preparation absorber:

Bi-Wiring / Amping Terminal:

Cabinet material:
Multilayer laminate

Extended special features

Terminal contact material:

Easy Link Terminals:

Coaxial loudspeaker:


Mounting type front cover:

Terminal banana plug suitable:

Room adjustment:

Preparation for wall mounting:

Wall mounting possible:

Suitable for ceiling mounting: