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A 65


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White satin

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  • 3-way downfire bass reflex system
  • 750 watt
  • ceramic-tungsten technologie
  • magnetic fabric cover

Item no.: 04368


40 x 121.9 x 56 cm (W x H x D) incl. base construction


750 watts music load capacity


71.5 kilogrammes

High-End Sound

Iconic sound for the highest quality standards

Ceramic-Tungsten technology

Chassis with ceramic tungsten cone

Housing shape

Elegant shape for unlimited listening pleasure

Terminal connection

Bi-wiring terminal

Fabric cover

Acoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment


5-year guarantee on passive loudspeakers


Exclusive and a power in sound: our A 65

The great success of our previous flagship A 55 from the Online Exclusive series prompted us to create an even more powerful and powerful high-end floorstanding speaker: the idea for the A 65 was born. Our goal was to create a speaker with even more bandwidth and even greater dynamics. A speaker that will captivate you with its bass potency on the one hand and inspire you with its subtlety on the other. The mighty 3-way bass reflex speaker A 65 is equipped with the best technical components - based on the drivers of our Reference K series. Three 220 mm woofers with aluminum-ceramic tungsten cones provide a breathtakingly sovereign bass reproduction in the large cabinet volume. Low-loss, triple-folded wave surrounds and the downfire bass reflex channel enable a clean and impulsive low-frequency performance. Dynamic, neutral and clear acts the 174 millimeter midrange specialist, which is also equipped with the elaborately produced high-tech membrane of aluminum ceramic and tungsten vaporization. Acoustically, our A 65 is completed by a 25 mm dome tweeter with its lightweight and dimensionally stable membrane made of aluminum oxide ceramic - optimized for the best resolution behavior and audibility of all musical details.

Developed and built in the Taunus

Our flagship A 65 is built in our factory in Weilrod, Taunus. This is how we ensure that these speakers meet our enormous demands for quality and workmanship. Time-consuming listening sessions and measurements in our listening rooms and acoustics lab ensure the highest sound quality. The cabinets of the A 65 are made of high-density fiberboard (HDF). Due to the thickness of the material and the elaborate internal bracing, the speaker cabinets are enormously stable - this creates ideal conditions for acoustically clean and impulse-true reproduction. Generously rounded cabinet edges ensure modern, elegant lines and also optimize the sound dispersion of the strikingly large, 65 kilogram 3-way floor-standing loudspeakers. The seamless diamond-cut aluminum rings of our drivers and the elegantly curved aluminum base construction set visual accents. The height-adjustable, very intricately turned from solid, aluminum unit feet also show attention to detail. Elegantly adhering to their position on the baffle are the high-quality, acoustically neutral full-size fabric covers in black. Available are the high-quality processed and in a complex process multi-layer lacquered Canton A 65 in white satin, black "high-gloss" and real wood veneer cherry "high-gloss".

Innovative technology for the best sound

Solid, multi-stiffened and multi-layer lacquered cabinets made of high-density fiberboard, high-end speaker drivers from our Reference K models, sound-optimized, long-term stable crossover components and the solid aluminum base construction characterize our A 65. Added to this is the high-quality internal cabling with the CantoLink 400 loudspeaker cable developed by us - to ensure the highest fidelity. The A 65 is equipped with a high-quality biwiring/biamping connection terminal: this allows the low-frequency and mid-high ranges to be driven by different amplifiers or connected separately using specialized cables. The 24-carat gold-plated, solid screw terminals hold cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm² and can accommodate cable lugs or banana plugs if desired - for perfect signal transmission to your amplifier.

Perfect complement

For our A 65, you should go for a very high-quality cable for sound reasons - like the CantoLink 600, which we offer in our online store. It was developed for us, by the world-renowned cable manufacturer in-akustik. The cable consists of two stranded wires with an effective cable cross-section of 2 x 5 mm². The symmetrical, low-inductance design of the CantoLink 600 not only enables homogeneous high-frequency reproduction - it also impresses with its tight, dynamic and very clear sound.

A 65 Technical specifications

A 65

Item no.: 04368


Warranty period:
5 years

Available accessories:
CantoLink 400

Carton contents:
A 55 device feet fabric cover with magnetic holder operating instructions

64 kg

Packing dimensions:
49 x 134 x 69,5 cm

Packing weight:
71,5 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD):
W: 40 cm (15,8") with base ans equipment feet; H: 121,9 cm (48") with base and equipment feet; D: with base and equipment feet (22,1") 56 cm

Acoustic principle:
3-way bass reflex system

Principle passive resonator:
bass reflex tube

Tweeter quantity:

Tweeter size:
25 mm

Tweeter material:
aluminum oxide ceramic

Midrange driver quantity:

Midrange driver size:
180 mm

Midrange driver material:
aluminum-ceramic-tungsten (wave surround, TCC)

Woofer quantity:

woofer size:
220 mm

woofer material:
aluminum ceramic tungsten (wave surround)

Nominal load capacity:
430 watts

Music load capacity:
750 watts

Transmission range:
18...40.000 Hz

4…8 ohm

Extended data

Efficiency 2.83V/1m:
88,5 db

Dolby Atmos licensed:

Woofer Wave surround:

Midrange Wave Bead:

Front cover material:
full size fabric covers

Level adjustment tweeter:

Double Cone:

Transmission Front Plate:

DC switch technology:

Bass Guide:

Unit socket included:

Size supplement (WxDxH):
10x3x3,2 cm

Unit feet:

Height-adjustable unit feet:

Preparation spikes:

Preparation absorber:

Bi-Wiring / Amping Terminal:

Cabinet material:

Extended special features

Terminal contact material:
gold plated

Easy Link Terminals:

Coaxial loudspeaker:


Mounting type front cover:
magnet mounting

Terminal banana plug suitable:

Room adjustment:

Preparation for wall mounting:

Wall mounting possible:

Suitable for ceiling mounting:


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