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A 45 BS



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White satin

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  • 2-way bass reflex system
  • 200 watt
  • ceramic tungsten technology
  • magnetic fabric cover

Item no.: 03903


22.5 x 40 x 37.2 cm (W x H x D)


200 watts music load capacity


14 kilogrammes

High-End Sound

Iconic sound for the highest quality standards

Ceramic-Tungsten technology

Chassis with ceramic tungsten cone

Housing shape

Elegant shape for unlimited listening pleasure

Terminal connection

Bi-wiring terminal

Fabric cover

Acoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment


5-year guarantee on passive loudspeakers

45 BS

Our smallest anniversary speaker

The compact high-end loudspeaker A 45 BS is available exclusively from our online store or directly from our factory in Weilrod: it is not only the ideal complement to our floorstanding and center speakers of the A series, but also offers the finest hi-fi sound as a stand-alone speaker. It contains the best genes from our Reference series, the highest quality drivers with aluminum-ceramic tungsten cones and the experience of 45 years of loudspeaker manufacturing. This makes the A 45 BS the most attractively priced model with the incomparable Canton sound.

A great choice

The innovative Canton Reference technology combined with our expertise from 45 years of loudspeaker development results in an enormously powerful sound package that is unparalleled in this price range. The bass-midrange driver with aluminum-ceramic tungsten diaphragm interacts with the ceramic dome tweeter to deliver pure, unadulterated music reproduction. These high-tech membranes are the sonic measure of all things and represent a perfect symbiosis of rigidity and lightness. The triple folded wave surround of the bass-midrange driver ensures a flawless and always controlled onset and decay. Even really high sound levels with unchanged precise reproduction are no problem for this speaker equipped with our DC technology.

Design question

Like all our loudspeakers, the A 45 BS is manufactured in our Weilrod factory. This is the only way we can maintain the necessary quality standards, minimize tolerances, eliminate any defects and keep the high sound demands on our loudspeakers. The cabinet of the A 45 BS is constructed from high-density fiberboard (HDF) and is immune to sound-damaging resonances due to its material thickness and bracing on the inside. Each of the simply and elegantly designed compact loudspeakers weighs 14 kilograms, and their surfaces are painted in several layers and elaborately finished. You can choose from silky-matt shimmering white and the high-gloss variant in black. Last but not least, the seamless diamond-cut aluminum rings of the speaker chassis provide another visual highlight.

High-end technology

The 2-way speaker is equipped with our best technical components to satisfy even the highest sonic demands. The 174 mm bass-midrange driver with wave surround provides a bass foundation in the ideally tuned bass-reflex cabinet that is exceptional in this class. The compact A 45 BS are characterized by their sonic precision and balance. Our high-end tweeter with 25 mm ceramic dome and one-piece transmission front plate ensures the best radiation characteristics and the clean and detailed transmission of even the very highest frequencies. The result: The A 45 BS play as sovereign as hardly any other speaker in this size and price class - with outstanding precision, enormous musicality and with a great sense for the subtleties of music.

Front and rear - simply beautiful

The A 45 BS are equipped with high-quality bi-wiring/biamping connection terminals. This allows the woofer and mid-high range to be driven separately with different amplifiers or with specialized cables, which can further enhance the reproduction quality of the speakers. 24-carat gold-plated, sturdy screw terminals accept cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm², are equipped for fork lugs and banana plugs, and thus ensure optimum signal transmission to the connected amplifiers. The large bass reflex tube on the rear of the cabinet is rounded on both sides and thus prevents unwanted air turbulence at high volumes - sound damaging flow noise has no chance. Last but not least, the full-size fabric covers, which are held in place by magnets on the fronts, ensure a simple, elegant appearance in your living room.

A 45 BS Technical specifications

A 45 BS

Item no.: 03903


Available accessories:
A 45 LS (speaker stand) CantoLink 400 (speaker cable)

Carton contents:
A 45 BS fabric cover (black) operating instructions rubber feet

14 kg

Packing dimensions:
46x 53 x 36 cm

Packing weight:
14,52 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD):
W: 22.5 cm; H: 40 cm; D: 36.5 cm | with fabric cover 37.2 cm

Acoustic principle:
bass reflex system

Radiation direction resonator:

Tweeter quantity:

Tweeter size:
25 mm

Tweeter material:
aluminum oxide ceramic

Woofer/Midrange driver quantity:

Woofer/Midrange driver size:
174 mm

Woofer/Midrange driver material:
aluminum ceramic tungsten (wave surround)

Nominal load capacity:
120 watts

Music load capacity:
200 watts

Transmission range:
25...40.000 Hz

Crossover frequencies:
3.000 Hz

4...8 ohm

Extended data

Efficiency 2.83V/1m:
87 db

Maximum cable diameter:
10 mm

Dolby Atmos licensed:

Woofer Wave surround:

Midrange Wave Bead:

Front cover material:
full size fabric cover

Level adjustment tweeter:

Double Cone:

Transmission Front Plate:

DC switch technology:

Cover rings (material):
Seamless Diamond Cut aluminum rings

Indoor wiring:
High-end indoor wiring CantoLink 400

Bass Guide:

Unit socket included:

Unit feet:

Height-adjustable unit feet:

Preparation spikes:

Preparation absorber:

Bi-Wiring / Amping Terminal:

Cabinet material:
high density fiberboard (HDF)

Cabinet surface:
lacquered and refined

Extended special features

Easy Link Terminals:

Coaxial loudspeaker:


Mounting type front cover:
magnet mounting

Terminal banana plug suitable:

Room adjustment:

Preparation for wall mounting:

Wall mounting possible:

Suitable for ceiling mounting: