C 309 Set - 5.1.2 black

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2x C 309 / Black ash decor €658.00
2x C 302 / Black ash decor €278.00
1x C 305 / Black ash decor €219.00
2x C 300 AR / black €398.00
1x SUB 300 / black €385.00
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Simple design and outstanding technology 

For movie and music

The online exclusive C Series models offer great sound for little money: the speakers benefit from the finest technical components borrowed from our larger series. Even in this price class, high-quality titanium drivers, clamped in the latest generation of wave surrounds, and our aluminium-manganese tweeter systems provide unique and unadulterated Canton sound. As a team, the C-loudspeakers perform incomparably well: in this 5.1 home cinema set, we combine the slim C 309 3-way floorstanding loudspeakers, the C 302 2-way compact loudspeakers, the C 305 centre speaker and the dynamic SUB 300 active subwoofer to create a powerful sound package at an enticingly low price.  We conjure up impressive 3D cinema sound with the compact C 300 AR Dolby Atmos speakers, which are placed on the front speakers. In their enclosures with elaborately painted, silk-matt baffles and resistant black textured décor, the speakers offer a modern yet neutral appearance


System and components

The tried and tested aluminium-manganese tweeter systems in the C-Series transmit music signals up to 40,000 Hz and have excellent radiation characteristics thanks to the transmission front plates. Titanium is used as the diaphragm material for both the midrange and the low frequency range. In combination with the latest generation of the triple-folded wave surround, this ensures controlled, error-free transient response up to the maximum excursion. Sturdy aluminium grilles give the newly developed C loudspeaker models attractive faces. Silver-plated screw terminals with a receptacle for cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm2 offer maximum conductivity and guarantee long-term stable contact. The optional CantoLink 400 cable, available in our online shop, is the perfect match and provides the perfect connection to your amplifier.  

A real attraction

Our C models are designed in a simple, neutral and modern way. Their harmonious proportions are clad in attractive housings with textured foil, which are given an extra dose of elegance by elaborately painted baffles in silk matt lacquer. Metal front grilles precisely recessed in a circumferential groove provide an additional visual highlight and also offer perfect protection for the loudspeaker chassis installed behind them. The main speakers of the 5.1 system weigh 23 kilograms and rest on slim plinths, with the metal spikes supplied ensuring ideal coupling to the ground. Alternatively, rubber feet are included with the C 309 to allow gentle placement on sensitive floors such as parquet flooring. Rubberised feet for all speakers are included in the scope of delivery - for resonance-free speaker placement and to protect sensitive surfaces

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