B 100 Heimkino Set - 5.1 weiß High Gloss

5.1 Heimkinosystem

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2x B 100 / white lacquer "high gloss" €1,498.00
2x B 30 / white lacquer "high gloss" €698.00
1x B 50 / white lacquer "high gloss" €429.00
1x SUB 12 R / white lacquer "high gloss" €769.00
Total: €3,394.00

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Simple design and outstanding technology 

For music and movies

With the B 100 Home Cinema Set - 5.1, we offer you endless movie fun and atmospheric music playback in perfect sound quality. Our flagships of the B-Series are used as main speakers, which will delight you with their dynamic and well-defined sound. In combination with the powerful SUB 12 R active subwoofer, the potent B 50 centre speaker and the two elegant B 30 compact loudspeakers, we provide you with a very dynamic and exciting multi-channel system at an attractive set price. The timelessly elegant and technically mature B 100 Home Cinema Set - 5.1 with black lacquered surfaces in a noble high gloss finish is available for purchase directly from us in Weilrod or in our online shop


Clear design language

The loudspeakers of the B 100 home cinema system look simply great in their well-proportioned, high-gloss painted cabinets. The simple, elegant design, the immaculately applied lacquer surfaces in black or white and the fronts without visible screws make the system a true ornament in any living ambience. Included with the speakers are shapely, magnetically holding fabric covers: in case you should ever be tempted to hide the beautiful speaker chassis.

Outstanding technology

Our developers have selected tried and tested technology from the Canton shelves for the B-100 series loudspeakers. This makes them a top favourite right away if you are looking for sophisticated speakers that will convince you technically and sonically. The titanium diaphragms for midrange and bass drivers are light yet very stable, allowing them to play with impulse. Thanks to the triple-folded wave beads, we also ensure dynamic, level-stable and low-distortion operation of the bass reflex loudspeakers. In our tweeter with 25 mm ceramic dome and strong drive, the titanium chassis find an ideal playing partner.


Strong in details

The use of our titanium and ceramic diaphragms, high-quality crossover components and balanced sound tuning in the laboratory and listening room make the B-Series models completely convincing, both acoustically and visually. The loudspeaker cabinets are constructed from solid MDF and finished with very high quality lacquers in "High Gloss Black". Magnetically holding fabric panels, screwless fronts, gold-plated connection terminals and solid, height-adjustable aluminium feet (B 100) are further highlights of this 5.1 system

SUB 12 R SUB 12 R Subwoofer
€769.00 * / piece
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B 30 B 30 Compact speaker
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B 50 B 50 Centerlautsprecher
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