A 45

3-Wege, Standlautsprecher

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Simple Design and outstanding technology 

For music and movies

The A 45 is an impressive high end floorstanding loudspeaker, which is exclusively available only in our online shop or directly from our factory in Weilrod. For our 45th company anniversary in 2017, we created this loudspeaker: simply to celebrate our passion for music with you. With a product that we love and that perfectly represents our philosophy: affordable loudspeakers, for people who love to experience music well


Many reasons to celebrate

Our highly acclaimed A 45 anniversary loudspeakers combine today's innovative reference technology with the experience of 45 years of loudspeaker construction. Together, this results in a harmonious overall package that is unparalleled in this price class. Our best drivers from the Reference series with aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms, mounted in the patented, low-loss wave surround, are used in the A 45. For pure and unaltered music reproduction. These high-tech diaphragms are the sonic benchmark and a perfect symbiosis of stiffness and lightness. The triple-folded wave beads ensure error-free and controlled oscillation in and out at all times - even at the highest volumes.

Selected technology

The 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker is equipped with the finest technical components in order to meet even the highest sonic demands. Three 180 mm bass specialists are responsible for the reproduction of deep and lowest tones in each of the floorstanding loudspeakers. In combination with the generous cabinet volume, this results in a stunning bass reproduction that is characterised by precision and grandiose timing. 180 millimetres is also the diameter of the midrange driver. This ensures incomparable midrange dynamics and enormous level stability. Last but not least, we have added our high-end tweeter with 25 mm ceramic dome tweeter to the A 45. The result: a performance that is enormously precise and detailed in terms of sound, with a keen sense of the finer points of music.


Well equipped

The A 45 is equipped with a high-quality bi-wiring/biamping connection terminal, allowing the low and mid-high ranges to be controlled separately with different amplifiers or with specialised cables. 24 carat gold-plated, sturdy screw terminals accept cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm², are equipped for fork shoes or banana plugs and thus ensure optimum signal transmission from connected amplifiers. The high-quality and acoustically neutral full-size fabric covers in black conceal a direct view of the technology when required and are held elegantly by magnetic fasteners

A good choice

For a perfect connection with your amplifier, we recommend the CantoLink 400 speaker cable, which is available in our online store. It's a proprietary, six-core, high-end speaker cable with a special core and jacket for the best possible sound quality. You can use your A 45 in the classic way as a stereo loudspeaker to enjoy music in its purest form. Or you can use it as the main speaker in a multi-channel home cinema set with the matching models from the A 35 or A 45 series.

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