A 45 Home cinema Set - 5.1

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2x A 45 / black lacquer "high gloss" €3,298.00
1x A 45 CS / black lacquer "high gloss" €879.00
2x A 45 BS / black lacquer "high gloss" €1,398.00
1x A 45 SUB / black lacquer "high gloss" €1,299.00
Total: €6,874.00

Simple Design and outstanding technology 

For music and movies

Around our impressive A 45 high-end floorstanding loudspeaker, which we launched in 2017 on the occasion of our 45th anniversary, we create a particularly powerful sounding 5.1 home cinema system for you. It is exclusively available only in our online shop or directly from our factory in Weilrod. In this 5.1 set, we use the A 45 as a highly dynamic main loudspeaker, which, as a stereo and multi-channel loudspeaker, knows how to convince both visually and sonically. This is complemented by the two compact A 45 BS as rear speakers and the A 45 CS as a powerful centre. Last but not least, our A 45 SUB active subwoofer completes the multi-channel set with enormously deep and powerful basses that turn music and films into magnificent events. The 5.1 set looks stunningly good in its high-gloss black lacquered cabinets and is visually enhanced even further by the seamless diamond-cut aluminium rings of the speaker chassis and the solid, height-adjustable aluminium base construction


Outstanding technology

Our bass reflex loudspeakers of the A-series are equipped with the finest technical components in order to meet even the highest sonic demands. Three 180 mm bass specialists with aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms, mounted in the patented, low-loss wave beads ensure fundamental bass reproduction at the highest sound level in each of the A 45 main speakers alone. The homogeneous sound of the 5.1 system is ensured by the use of identical membrane materials for all speakers, as well as the meticulous fine-tuning of the acoustics in the laboratory and in our listening rooms. The result: an enormously precise and detailed performance with a keen sense for the subtleties of music and unleashed dynamics when reproducing movie blockbusters.

Construction and technology

Like all our loudspeakers, the A-Series models are manufactured in our Weilrod factory. This is the only way we can maintain the necessary quality standards, minimise tolerances, eliminate any possible faults and maintain the high sound standards we set for our loudspeakers. The cabinets are made of high-density fibreboard (HDF) and are extremely stable thanks to the thickness of the material and additional stiffeners inside. In several steps the speakers are elaborately painted and surface finished. The generously rounded cabinet edges of these speakers, which are exclusively available in our online shop, not only look good - they also perfect the sound radiation of the A models.

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