A 45 CS

3-Wege, Centerlautsprecher

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Simple design and outstanding technology 

For music and movie

Are you looking for a partner for your A Series speakers to complete your home cinema system? Then we have the perfect solution: our A 45 CS centre speaker in D'Appolito design with the finest Reference technology is the ideal solution. In this model we combine our expertise from over 45 years of loudspeaker development, the finest crossover components and the Reference Series drivers with aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms. The Center A 45 CS is highly attractive both visually and in terms of price, and spoils you with the incomparable Canton sound. The potent high-end Center A 45 CS is available exclusively from our online shop or directly from the factory in Weilrod


Strong sound

For the Center A 45 CS, we have put a lot of effort into the development and equipped it with our innovative Canton Reference technology. The high-quality technology package that is contained in this model is unparalleled in this price class. Two 174 mm loudspeaker chassis with aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms in combination with the ceramic dome tweeter ensure pure and unadulterated music reproduction. These high-tech membranes are the measure of all things in terms of sound and represent a perfect symbiosis of stiffness and lightness. The triple-folded wave surround of the bass-midrange driver ensures that the woofers' in and out oscillation is faultless and controlled at all times. The three-way concept of the A 45 CS Centre ensures an enormously balanced and precise reproduction with musical details in abundance.

Highest technology - made in Hessen

Like all our loudspeakers, the Center A 45 CS is built in our Weilrod factory. This is the only way we can maintain the necessary quality standards, minimise tolerances, eliminate any possible faults and maintain the high sound standards we demand of our loudspeakers. The cabinet of the A 45 CS is constructed from high-density fibreboard (HDF) and is immune to sound-damaging resonances due to its material thickness and the stiffeners inside. The centre weighs 16 kilograms and is available in white and black finishes. The satin-matt shimmering or high-gloss surfaces are painted in several layers and finally finished with a sophisticated finish. A further visual highlight of the powerful centre is the seamless diamond-cut aluminium rings of the loudspeaker chassis.


High end technologye

The Center A 45 CS is designed as a 3-way loudspeaker, equipped with our best technical components. We have invested a lot of time in the acoustic fine-tuning in order to be able to satisfy even the highest sonic demands. The best basis for this is provided by our drivers with their very light and extremely rigid aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms. In the large bass-reflex cabinet, the two 174 mm loudspeaker chassis with wave surround are responsible for the low and mid-range reproduction. The membrane profile of the midrange driver with Tripled Curved Cone (TCC) consists of three different radii, which give the membrane greater stability, resulting in less distortion. In addition, the radiation pattern is improved with an extended frequency range. Our high-end tweeter complements this duo perfectly: its 25 mm ceramic dome tweeter with one-piece Transmission Front Plate ensures the best dispersion characteristics and a clean and detailed transmission of even the very highest frequencies. The Center A 45 CS is characterised by an enormous bass foundation and its tonal precision and balance - with excellent speech intelligibility

Best equipment

The Center A 45 CS is equipped with a high-quality biwiring/biamping connection terminal. This allows the low and mid-high frequency ranges to be controlled separately with different amplifiers or with specialised cables, which can further enhance the reproduction quality of the centre. 24 carat gold-plated, sturdy screw terminals accept cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm², are equipped for fork shoes and banana plugs and thus ensure optimum signal transmission to the connected amplifiers. The large bass reflex tube on the rear of the cabinet is rounded on both sides and thus prevents unwanted air turbulence at high volumes - flow noise that damages the sound has no chance. Last but not least, the full-size fabric cover, which is held in place on the baffle by magnets, ensures a simple, elegant appearance in your living room.