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Simple Design and outstanding technology 

For music and movies

The innovative technology from our Reference models is also found in this magnificent floorstanding loudspeaker, which we have just launched. The A 35 is a slim three-way floorstanding loudspeaker in the style of our much-praised A 45 anniversary loudspeaker. Its smaller dimensions make it more suitable for smaller living rooms, but it also offers the unique Canton sound. Technically, the model is in no way inferior to its larger siblings, except that the A 45 and A 55 models can deliver even more depth and sound level. Thanks to their aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms from the Reference series, the A 35 play pure and unadulterated, with an impressive balance and musicality that is second to none


High-End Sound - easy like never before

Our high-tech membrane composite of aluminium, ceramic and tungsten is very stiff and light and is the measure of all things in terms of sound. The triple-folded, low-loss wave beads of the woofers and mid-range drivers ensure that the loudspeaker drivers swing in and out without errors and in a controlled manner - even at enormous sound levels. The cabinet of the A 35 is constructed from high-density fibreboard, with multiple internal reinforcements and a complex surface finish in several steps. The result is an immensely stable loudspeaker cabinet whose low resonance provides ideal conditions for the best sound. Rounded cabinet edges give the A 35 an elegant look and also improve the sound radiation. Visually outstanding are the aluminium rings of the loudspeaker chassis, which are manufactured using the Seamless-Diamond-Cut process. The solid aluminium base construction, which can be adjusted in height, ensures a secure stand on all surfaces.

Selected technology for outstanding sound

The 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker is equipped with excellent technical components to satisfy even the highest sound demands. Three 160 mm bass drivers are responsible for the low-frequency reproduction. They sit flush with the surface of the rounded baffle in the housing, which is only 19.5 cm wide. In conjunction with our patented DC technology in the downfire bass reflex cabinet, they reproduce tight and precise bass without the cones of the bass speakers deflecting uncontrollably at low frequencies. The 160 mm midrange driver, which we use at the top of the baffle, can also count on the stunningly precise properties of the aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms. The Reference loudspeaker equipment is completed by our high-end tweeter with 25 mm ceramic dome - best Canton technology for unique Canton sound.


Perfectly equipped

We equip our A 35 with high-quality biwiring/biamping connection terminals. This allows the low and mid-high range to be controlled separately with different amplifiers or with specialised cables. The 24 carat gold-plated and very solid screw terminals accept cable cross-sections of up to ten square millimetres. They are also equipped for fork shoes or banana plugs, thus ensuring optimum signal transmission to connected amplifiers. For a perfect connection to your amplifier, we recommend the CantoLink 400 speaker cable, which is available in our online shop. This is a proprietary, six-core, high-end speaker cable with a special core and jacket - for the best possible sound quality. The high-quality and acoustically neutral full-size fabric covers in black conceal the direct view of the technology if required and are held elegantly by magnetic fasteners

Best virtues

You can use your A 35 in the classic way as a stereo speaker to enjoy music or you can use it as the main speaker in a multi-channel home cinema set. You will find suitable models according to your personal preferences in our extensive speaker program. Like all our loudspeakers, the A 35 is manufactured in our Weilrod factory. This is the only way we can maintain the necessary quality standards, minimise tolerances, eliminate any possible faults and maintain the high sound requirements for our loudspeakers.

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