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New edition: Our Power Subs 

For movie and musiv enjoyment

A new star in the subwoofer sky: our Power Sub 12 is a superbly equipped active subwoofer that can be used universally for a wide range of speakers. It harmonises ideally with all Canton HiFi speakers and supports existing speakers of other brands with powerful and precise bass as well. Its 380 watt active module is optimally equipped and drives the 308 mm titanium chassis to peak performance. The front-firing woofer finds an ideal partner in the passive radiator of the same size, which is built into the bottom of the cabinet: the down-firing passive diaphragm increases the overall dynamic range and extends the bass response downwards. The result: pitch-black bass with sharp contours and enormous pressure for a particularly impressive stereo and multi-channel music experience.



Audio and video

Our Power Sub 12 subwoofer helps you experience your music and films in a new way: Not only hearing music and films, but also feeling them makes the listening experience really atmospheric and lively. Thanks to its high-quality technical components and high amplifier power, the Power Sub 12 achieves this with ease. It also impresses with its high power handling and enormous dynamic reserves. By adding the Power Sub 12, your favourite music gains in power and liveliness and scores with increased spatiality. You'll experience action movies in a whole new way when the Power Sub 12 flexes its bass muscles in a controlled way and makes your walls shake. The powerful 380-watt active module on board the subwoofer always delivers enough power for the 308 mm titanium woofer chassis. At the same time, our clever SC technology protects the active subwoofer from any damage and ensures the lowest possible distortion. The Power Sub 12 is particularly uncritical in terms of placement thanks to its "room compensation circuit", which allows three-stage adjustment of the low-frequency reproduction, thus ensuring that the Power Sub 12 always reproduces clear and precise bass.

Lovely details

The Power Sub 12 active subwoofer from Canton operates according to the bass reflex principle with a downfire passive cone. To guarantee precise mechanical performance, it is equipped with a lavishly dimensioned drive including the latest generation of wave surround technology. Compared to conventional surrounds, the multi-folded wave surround allows for a much longer excursion and reduces sound distortion. For maximum precision and correct impulse processing of the low-frequency signals, the Power Sub 12 uses a high-performance woofer chassis made of titanium and a rigid passive cone made of MDF. The 24-kilogram Power Sub 12 in classic cube design has a powerful 380-watt power amplifier with high- and low-level inputs and, despite its living-room-friendly dimensions (36 x 47.5 x 50 cm), provides an enormous low-frequency foundation. Its automatic on/off function makes it easy to use in everyday life, and thanks to the controllability of volume, phase and crossover frequency, the Power Sub 12 harmonises with all stereo and home cinema speakers. The sound-transparent fabric front covers adhere magnetically to the baffle, and their generously rounded "corners" give our Power Sub 12 an attractive face of its own.



Active subwoofer system

Engineering Principle

Bass reflex with passive membrane

Nenn- / Musikleistung

200 / 380 watts

Frequency response

20...200 Hz

Crossover frequency

50...200 Hz (adjustable)


1 x 308 mm (12.1''), titanium (Wave surround)
1 x 308 mm (12.1''), passive


2 high level inputs (loudspeaker cable)
2 low level inputs (chinch)


Automatic on/off switch
adjustable volume
Adjustable phase limiter
Adjustable crossover frequency

Special Features

Oval fabric grill


2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

36 x 47.5 x 50 cm
(14.2'' x 18.7'' x 19.7'')


23.8 kg

Power consumption

0,32 Watt

Carton Content

Canton PowerSub 12
Fabric grill
Power chord


57 x 62 x 49,5 cm (22,4" x 24,4" x 19,5")

Weight including packaging

29,1 kg
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