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LS 3 LS 3 Loudspeaker stand
€174.00 * / piece


Stable, high quality and perfectly adapted for our loudspeakers: A wide range of accessories offers you the appropriate solutions for all compact loudspeakers, most center loudspeakers and all satellites of our movie systems. 

For all small loudspeakers which do not include a wall mount in the scope of their delivery, an appropriate Cantomount is available in our accessories range.

Loudspeaker stands

The loudspeaker stands from Canton are noted for their hidden cabling, height-adjustable spikes and an installation plate with fixture holes for the secure installation of your loudspeaker.

Practical wall mounts

Alle Canton Subwoofer arbeiten nach dem Bassreflexprinzip. Ausgewählte Modelle werden statt mit einem Bassreflexrohr mit einem Downfire-Passivradiator veredelt.

High quality loudspeaker cable

The premium loudspeaker cable CantoLink 400 is exclusively available from our online shop and is ideal for stereo and surround cabling scenarios.

Which accessory goes with which loudspeaker?

The following overview shows which products are compatible with our stands and mounts:

LS 850.3 loudspeaker stands
Vento 826.2, Vento 836.2, Vento 866.2 Center
Reference 9 K, Reference 50 K Center 

LS 660 loudspeaker stands
Chrono 20, Chrono 30, Chrono 50 Center
Chrono SL 526.2, Chrono SL 536.2, Chrono SL 556.2 Center
GLE 426.2, GLE 436.2, GLE 456.2 Center

LS 250.2 loudspeaker stands
CD 220.3

LS 90.2 loudspeaker stands
Movie 75, Movie 95, Movie 135, Movie 165
Plus MX.3

Cantomount U loudspeaker mount
Smart Soundbox 3
AM 5
Plus XL.3
Pro XL.3

Cantomount AM loudspeaker mount
AM 5