Ergo GS Edition

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Ergo GS Edition

The ERGO was the first floorstanding loudspeaker in our company's history, which immediately set a real exclamation mark with its striking design, the immense technical effort that went into its development and the excellent features. The ERGO's characteristic and expressive real-wood cabinet was visually quite different from the speakers of the time, which were almost exclusively available in landscape format. As a result, the ERGO quickly became an object of desire among music and technology enthusiasts and an outstanding milestone at Canton. For the company's 50th anniversary, we are reviving this loudspeaker, based on the original design from 1979. The Ergo GS Edition benefits from our experience of 50 years of loudspeaker construction - technically and acoustically, the anniversary loudspeaker is state-of-the-art, with the best components from Canton.



In honour of the company founder Günther Seitz, the 50th anniversary loudspeaker bears his initials. This makes the Ergo GS Edition a special gift for the 50th anniversary of the Canton company, and not just for our customers. To emphasise the value of this floorstanding speaker, the number of Ergo GS available is strictly limited. There will be an exclusive 50 pairs of them, in noble real wood cabinets in the variants "light oak" and "black oak". The distinctive 3-way high-end floor-standing loudspeakers take up the style-defining design of the Ergo from 1979. Technically excellent components, crossovers with the lowest tolerances and high-quality internal cabling, together with the solid, acoustically optimised, real-wood cabinets and Canton-specific technologies such as DC Control, Wave surrounds and Tripple Curved Cones, ensure an outstanding sound experience. This positions the Ergo GS Edition speakers at the very front of Canton's extensive portfolio

Sound characteristics

Only our most advanced technologies and diaphragm materials are used in the Ergo GS Edition. For example, the ceramic tungsten diaphragms familiar from the Reference K series are used, but have been further refined for the Ergo GS Edition anniversary speakers. The two 220 millimetre diameter bass drivers with wave surrounds ensure outstanding dynamics in the large bass reflex volume. They are able to follow musical impulses precisely and without any sudden movement, which results in excellent fine and coarse dynamics. The optimised tuning allows for a very deep and voluminous bass, with impulsive and always precise reproduction. The 154 mm midrange driver with Tripple Curved Cone diaphragm finds an acoustically optimised place on the tilted baffle. The tilt improves dispersion, which results in a wide, large stage image. The midrange driver, together with the tweeter system, sits in a perfectly tuned, closed cabinet. This enhances impulsivity and tonal neutrality enormously. Our 25 mm tweeter with its highly stable aluminium oxide ceramic dome is a congenial partner in the performance, far beyond the limits of human hearing


Striking design

The Ergo GS Edition is based on the design from 1979: while the exterior remains almost unchanged, the speaker has been modernised visually, technically and acoustically. What has remained is the distinctive, solid base construction, which sets the loudspeaker in scene and anchors it firmly to the base. The best acoustic properties are provided by the solid real wood cabinet, whose extensive bracing on the inside ensures the lowest cabinet resonances. The strategic damping of the cabinet, as well as a separate chamber for the tweeter and midrange units, are partly responsible for the excellent sound development of the speaker. In addition, the angled baffle optimises the midrange driver's dispersion. Sturdy metal front panels protect the diaphragms from mechanical influences and give the ERGO GS Edition a distinctive look

Black ceramic tungsten driver

The ERGO GS Edition speakers are equipped with our best and most advanced cone material in the low and midrange range: Ceramic Tungsten. In a complex manufacturing process, we transform the molecular structure of an aluminium cone to a high degree into a ceramic structure. The very light and stiff diaphragm produced in this way is then refined with tungsten particles. In contrast to our previous Reference drivers, the drivers for the anniversary speakers remain in the ceramic bath for longer. In addition, a new material additive developed for the GS Edition turns the diaphragms black. This results in acoustically optimised and visually unique drivers that work as perfect piston oscillators without resonances that affect the sound.




Floorstanding Speaker

Engineering Principle

3-way speaker

Nom. /Music power handling

180 / 340 watts

Frequency response

20...40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

200 / 3.000 Hz

Special Features

High-end cabling
WBT bi-wiring / bi-amping
grid cover


5 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

W: 30 cm (11.8") | 40 cm (15.7") with base
H: 103 cm (40.6") with base and equipment feet
D: 30 cm (11.8") | 40 cm (15.7") with base

Carton Content

Ergo GS Edition
Spikes nickel-plated (unit feet)
CD - Reference Check Vol. I
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