In 2022, Canton celebrates 50 years of loudspeaker development, loudspeaker construction and loudspeaker tradition. For the company's 50th anniversary, we have revived two Canton icons: ERGO and KARAT. These two models have shaped the face of Canton. As the very first floorstanding speaker model at Canton, the ERGO was created in 1979 - a technical masterpiece in a timeless design with fully active technology and intelligent control systems for the best possible sound. Then, in 2002, the KARAT saw the light of day. This loudspeaker was unusually slim - made possible by the woofer mounted on the side. This allowed the KARAT to become a loudspeaker with a rich and powerful sound, which quickly became one of the most popular loudspeakers in the Canton range due to its cabinet design.

We are now rebuilding these timelessly beautiful speakers for you in the style of yesteryear: as the ERGO GS EDITION and KARAT GS EDITION with acoustically optimized cabinets and our technically best transducers with ceramic tungsten cones in the Black Edition.


GS Edition speakers are equipped with the best material for diaphragms that we know: Ceramic Tungsten. This material is manufactured by us at the Canton factory in a complex manufacturing process. In the process, we convert 20 percent of the molecular structure of an aluminum cone into a ceramic structure and refine it with tungsten particles. The result is a diaphragm with an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio, improved internal damping and a warm timbre. As a special feature and unique selling point, the speaker drivers newly developed for the GS Edition are colored black throughout. This makes them unique in our large speaker portfolio.


For the company's 50th anniversary, we present two Canton icons. Our ERGO GS EDITION and KARAT GS EDITION pick up the timeless design of the former Ergo and Karat. The style-defining design of the two speaker models is as up-to-date as it is timeless, even in the anniversary year of 2022. On the wide baffle, the ERGO GS EDITION offers space for four high-end speaker drivers. Two 200 mm basses allow for sonic substance and unbridled dynamics. The mid-high unit sits on the slightly tilted baffle - to optimize the acoustics and for perfect room imaging.


This is where all audiophile hearts beat faster: The GS Edition speakers are equipped with particularly contact-friendly connection terminals from the manufacturer WBT. The WBT-nextgen terminals accept crimped cable ends up to 6 mm² as well as cable lugs and banana plugs. As low-mass terminals, they not only ensure permanent contact, they also guarantee faithful signal transmission and authentic sound experiences. And the biwiring/ biamping design opens up the possibility of using different amplifiers or optimized cables for the low-frequency and mid-high ranges.

50 years of Canton - we want to celebrate this together with you. For this purpose, we have created the ERGO GS EDITION and KARAT GS EDITION. But beware, the number of available speakers is limited. There will be just 100 pairs of the ERGO per design, in acoustically optimized real wood cabinets and equipped with the finest Canton technology for the best possible sound. There will be 1,972 in total of the KARAT, which will be available in three cabinet variants: "Black Silk Matt," "White Silk Matt" and "Dusty Green." Like the ERGO, the KARAT GS EDITION also relies on the excellent sound characteristics of the ceramic tungsten diaphragms in the exclusive Black Edition.

Through our 50 years of experience in loudspeaker manufacturing, we know exactly which adjustments we need to make to get the best possible sound from our speakers. As so often, the secret lies in the details: the driver technology is state-of-the-art, the cabinets are almost free of sound-damaging resonances due to strategically placed damping material and solid bracing on the inside. Furthermore, our speakers are technically optimized in our own laboratories and acoustically fine-tuned in countless listening sessions. Inside the loudspeakers, selected components with the lowest tolerances, the decoupled mounting of the crossovers and the high-quality cabling ensure optimal sound development of our loudspeakers.