InCeiling 855 T-BC 15

100V Einbaulautsprecher

Use The InCeiling 855 T-BC 15 is a 100-volt/70-volt loudspeaker for inceiling... more


The InCeiling 855 T-BC 15 is a 100-volt/70-volt loudspeaker for inceiling installation with a large fire protection cage. The switch for adapting it to the amplifier is located beneath the discreetly framed metal grill, which is held in place magnetically. Tool-free switching is possible for the output levels of 100 watt, 50 watt and 25 watt in 100-volt operation and for the 8 ohm switch position for use in private settings.

T = Trafo/Transmitter BC = Backchamber


The models in the InCeiling 855 T series work with a coaxial arrangement of the ceramic mid-range and tweeter system. To ensure that the loudspeaker provides optimum acoustics, the tweeter swivels so that it can be directed towards the listening location. The 5.5” chassis with the wave surround developed for the hi-fi sector provides optimal bass and midrange sound reproduction. The built-in 100-volt transmitter is specially designed for outstanding sound quality. Easy-Lock technology means that the InCeiling 855 T-BC 15 can be installed quickly and easily in any ceiling and guarantees stable and convenient installation. The Phoenix contact for the supply and signal transmission to the next loudspeaker is handily located behind a safety flap on the back of the fire protection housing and can be securely closed. 

Use The InCeiling 855 T-BC 15 is a 100-volt/70-volt loudspeaker for inceiling... more


100 V / 70 V loudspeaker with large fire housing

Nom. /Music power handling

90 / 160 Watts

SPL (1 watt/1m)

91 dB

Frequency response

42…40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

3.000 Hz


1 x 135 mm (5.3"), ceramic


1 x 25 mm (1"), ceramic


5 years

Diameter (Ø)

29 cm (11.4")

Installation opening

27 cm (10.6")

Installation depth

22.5 cm (8.9")

Ceiling thickness

max. 4 cm (1.6")


4.85 kg

Conference facilities, Malls, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, Hotels, Training rooms and for private uses where you need 100 V technology.

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