Smart GLE 9

Wireless Active-Speaker Set



Willkommen in der Smart Welt

Eines unserer neuen Mitglieder in der stetig anwachsenden Smart-Familie heißt Smart GLE 9 und fügt sich perfekt in das bestehende Familien-Portfolio ein. Das attraktive Gehäuse ist zurückhaltend elegant ausgeführt: Lackierte Fronten und weiß oder schwarz folierte Gehäuse verleihen der Smart GLE 9 ein hochwertiges Äußeres. Natürlich wurde auch auf die Verarbeitung bei diesem preislich sehr ansprechenden Lautsprecher hohen Wert gelegt. Stellen Sie die Lautsprecher in Ihren Wohnraum, verbinden Sie sie mit dem Strom und fütteren Sie sie mit musikalischer oder filmischer Kost von einem beliebigen Quellgerät. Zahlreiche Eingänge haben wir der Smart GLE 9 spendiert: Angefangen mit den analogen Anschlüssen in XLR-oder Chinchausführung und den digitalen Varianten in koaxialer oder optischer Bauweise, über die USB-Schnittstelle mit XMOS für Computer bis hin zur drahtlosen Zuspielung via Bluetooth mit apt-X ist hier alles an Bord. Damit Sie nach dem Kauf zuhause sofort mit dem Musik hören oder Filme gucken loslegen können, packen wir eine Auswahl an Kabeln in die Lautsprecherkartons.


Unbeatable price/performance ratio

The brand-new Smart GLE 9 contains the musical and technical genes from our bestsellers of the GLE series. At an enticingly low price, we offer a full-grown pair of floorstanding speakers with up-to-date technology and the most advanced features of our Smart speakers. Four sound and power drivers are distributed across the slim baffle, which rises 107 centimetres into the air. Thanks to the narrow housing width of only 21 centimetres, the Smart GLE 9 remains extremely living space-friendly. We integrate a powerful amplifier module with 350 watts of power into each speaker. As a result, you no longer need external amplifiers and, as soon as you have connected a source to one of the many inputs, you can immediately start listening to music and movies. Whether classic wired or modern wireless is entirely up to you.

Convincing sound in all registers

This is ensured by our high-quality midrange and bass drivers made of aluminium and the great tweeter dome made of aluminium-manganese. Bass power, dynamics and pressure are delivered by the two 200 mm woofers in the large bass reflex volume, which is supported by an optimally tuned bass reflex channel. Computer simulations resulted in our multi-curved wave beads, which allow for a large excursion and show less partial oscillation at high frequencies. As a result, our Smart GLE 9 achieves very high sound pressure levels without sound distortion. The 25 mm tweeter offers best dispersion characteristics due to its Transmission Front Plate and its sound-optimized metal grille.


Diving into virtual worlds

The Smart GLE 9 speakers are great entertainers. They sound stunningly good as a stereo pair when playing music and take their listeners into virtual worlds at the touch of a button. The Smart GLE 9 can handle multi-channel sound formats and, when connected to a TV, become a powerful home cinema system - Virtual Surround makes it possible. Thanks to the scrolling display on the front of the speakers, you are always informed about the operating modes. And with other Smart models, you can set up an outstanding 4.0 home cinema system in no time at all, virtually reproducing the centre channel for optimum dialogue intelligibility


Active wireless stand speaker

Engineering Principle

3-way bass reflex


350 watts per speaker

Frequency response

25...30.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

3.000 Hz


2 x 192 mm (7,6''), Aluminum (Wave surround)


1 x 174 mm (6,8''), Aluminum (Wave surround)


1 x 25 mm (1''), Aluminium-manganese


1 x Analogue input (chinch)
1 x Bluetooth® 3.0 Interface (apt-X® Decoding for transmission in CD quality)
1 x Digital Input (coaxial)
1 x Digital Input (optical)
1 x USB-Input with XMOS® technology
1 x XLR (Balanced)


Decoder: Dolby Audio®, DTS Digital Surround®
Internal wireless network to connect to other Smart Series models
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Virtual Surround for Stereo, Musik & Surround Sound
Virtual Center at 4.0 home cinema mode

Special Features

Wireless transmission between speakers
Easy installation - one cable to the TV set, one cable to the wall socket
Volume adjustment per loudspeaker
Setting the listening distance per loudspeaker
Voice function - for better speech reproduction in stereo & surround sound
Equalizer - adaptation to spatial conditions
Dynamic Range Control - Setting the Dynamic Range
Sleep timer - Setting the turn-off time
IR learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control
Input Direct Dial - ideal for system remote controls
IR clear function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions
Automatic switch-on and switch-off
Configuration of the inputs - Input renaming
LipSync function - for exact speech synchronization
System Volume - Setting the Maximum Level
Restore factory settings - Reset function
Wireless Speaker Pairing - pairing of the wireless loudspeakers
Bluetooth Select - Automatically selects BT input
Autoplay Function - Automatic Bluetooth® Playback
USB Playback


2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

W: 21 cm (8.3")
H: 106,3 cm (41.8") with equipment feet
D: 31 cm (12.2")


19.2 kg

Power consumption

ECO/MAN: 0,5 watts, NSB: 1,5 watts (factory setting)

Carton Content

1 x Smart GLE 9 (master)
1 x Smart GLE 9 (slave)
remote control
mains cable
Optical digital audio cable (1,5m)
coaxial digital audio cable (1,5m)
Analogue stereo audio cable (1,5m)
Equipmentfeet Spikes
Fabric grill (black)


46 x 117 x 35 cm (18,1" x 46,1" x 13,8")

Weight including packaging

47,6 kg