Chrono 512


Aluminium-manganese tweeter system The tried and tested aluminiummanganese tweeter... more


Aluminium-manganese tweeter system

The tried and tested aluminiummanganese tweeter system transmits music signals up to 40,000 Hz. A transmission front plate made of aluminium acts as a wave guide and supports the dispersion characteristics of the system.


Exklusive diamond-cut aluminium rings

The aluminium chassis is as elegant as it is impressive and comes equipped with exclusive, diamondcut aluminium rings. These increase the mechanical stability of the loudspeaker system, which is a particular advantage at high volumes. All this goes to underline the high quality of the Chrono Series.


Cabinet geometry

At first glance the new Chrono Series appears unchanged, keeping true to its original design. A closer look, however, reveals the new styling – with diamond-cut aluminium rings and improved HDF cabinet construction.


Single-wiring connection terminal

The silver-plated screw terminals, which accept cable sizes of up to 10 mm2, bring a high degree of conductivity and guarantee reliable long-term contact.



Front cover                    

The robust and acoustically neutral fabric covers hide the technology from view and fit neatly over the baffle. 



The attractive combination of high gloss baffle and cabinets with structured décor is available in black or white. The exclusive diamond-cut aluminium rings give the Chrono Series its striking new look.




Aluminium-manganese tweeter system The tried and tested aluminiummanganese tweeter... more


Compact speaker

Engineering Principle

2-way bass reflex

Nom. /Music power handling

60 / 100 watts

SPL (1 watt/1m)

85 db

Frequency response

33...40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

3.000 Hz


1 x 160 mm (6''), Titanium (Wave surround)


1 x 25 mm (1''), aluminum-manganese

Nominal Impedance

4...8 ohms


5 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

17 x 29,5 x 26 cm
(6.7'' x 11.6'' x 10.2'')


6 kg

Available accessories

Loudspeaker stand LS 600.2
Loudspeaker stand LS 650

Carton Content

Chrono 512 (Pair)
Equipment feet
Fabric grill
Aluminium-manganese tweeter system The tried and tested aluminiummanganese tweeter... more


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