Smart Vento 5

Wireless Active Centerspeaker

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Active and wireless 

In a central position

We are proud to present our brand new premium 3-way centre speaker, the Canton Smart Vento 5 Centre, which adds a powerful and versatile centre to our Smart Vento models. The elegantly designed active centre speaker is a perfect match for our Smart Vento 9 floorstanding speakers and Smart Vento 3 compact speakers, and can also be combined with all other models in our large Smart family and used as the centre of a powerful home cinema system. With 350 watts of power from the integrated Class D amplifier, the Smart Vento 5 centre has enormous reserves of power. Our new showpiece has a lot to offer: the very best technical ingredients for an all-time superior sound image, outstanding workmanship and touch quality, and features that go far beyond those of a conventional loudspeaker. Thanks to the internal 24-bit signal processing of the wireless speakers, the centre always plays precisely and without interference - with outstanding dynamics for terrific listening pleasure in your home cinema.


Classy appearance

Our perfectly shaped Smart Vento 5 Center looks simply great in its white or black cabinet with a noble high-gloss lacquer. Perfectly crafted, eight-step lacquered, sanded and sealed surfaces and elegantly curved side panels make the Smart Vento 5 Center a jewel in your living room. The cabinet is extremely solidly built and thus provides the best possible working conditions for the drivers used. High-quality titanium and ceramic are used as diaphragm materials, which ensures enormously balanced, precise and detailed music reproduction. The Smart Vento 5 Centre sets visual highlights with its screwless Diamond Cut aluminium rings. Do you still prefer to hide the attractive technology? No problem - simply place the acoustically optimised and magnetically adhering fabric cover in front of the centre and enjoy the excellent sound.

A good choice

The Smart Vento 5 Center not only looks great - it sounds it. This is due to the powerful and impulsive active module, which provides the loudspeaker with an enormous amount of power. With its Class D amplifier, the centre acts particularly effectively and keeps a cool head in every situation. The integrated decoding also makes it possible to process all currently available sound formats. The centre's three channels are responsible for unrestrained dynamics and the finest detail processing: thanks to active equalisation and bass reflex support, the 174 mm titanium woofer provides enormous low bass in the large volume range. The 174 mm titanium midrange driver delivers clearly structured midrange. Our 25 mm dome tweeter with ceramic diaphragm, powerful magnet system and transmission front plate optimises the dispersion behaviour. And thanks to the clever, interference-free high-bit radio connection within the Smart loudspeaker family, the fully active Smart Vento 5 Center is at the centre of the action in no time at all. 



Wireless Active Centerspeaker

Engineering Principle

3-way bass reflex


350 watts per speaker

Frequency response

28...30.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

3.000 Hz


2 x 174 mm (6.9''), titanium (Wave surround)


1 x 25 mm (1''), Ceramic (Wave surround)


1 x Analogue input (chinch)
1 x Digital Input (coaxial)
1 x Digital Input (optical)
1 x USB-Input with XMOS® technology
1 x XLR (Balanced)


Internal wireless network to connect to other Smart Series models
Virtual Surround for Stereo, Musik & Surround Sound
Virtual Center at 4.0 home cinema mode

Special Features

Wireless transmission between speakers
Easy installation - one cable to the TV set, one cable to the wall socket
Volume adjustment per loudspeaker
Setting the listening distance per loudspeaker
Voice function - for better speech reproduction in stereo & surround sound
Equalizer - adaptation to spatial conditions
Dynamic Range Control - Setting the Dynamic Range
Sleep timer - Setting the turn-off time
IR learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control
Input Direct Dial - ideal for system remote controls
IR clear function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions
Automatic switch-on and switch-off
Configuration of the inputs - Input renaming
LipSync function - for exact speech synchronization
System Volume - Setting the Maximum Level
Restore factory settings - Reset function
Wireless Speaker Pairing - pairing of the wireless loudspeakers
fabric grill with magnetic mount


2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

60 x 20 x 35 cm (23.6" x 7.9" x 13.8")


14.6 kg

Power consumption

ECO/MAN: 0,35 watts, NSB: 1,2 watts (factory setting)

Carton Content

1 x Smart Vento 5
Fabric grill (magnetic)
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