InWall 965 (12'' tall)

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Swivel-mounted tweeters The tweeters can be swiveled, so they can be precisely... more


Swivel-mounted tweeters

The tweeters can be swiveled, so they can be precisely aimed, which allows even more flexibility in the choice of installation location.


Tweeter level adjustment

The tweeter level adjustment compensates for the acoustic disadvantages of difficult installation locations and allows the loudspeakers to be adjusted on an individual basis.


Magnetic grille mounting

The loudspeakers of the 800 and 900 Series offer the elegant solution of magnetically secured covers.



The practical “Easy-Link” connections ensure that the speaker cables can be connected easily and with long-term stability.


Paintable grilles                   

The grills of these recessed loudspeakers can be painted, which means they can be used to provide specific colour accents or hidden discreetly on the wall.



The template supplied enables the panel tobe lined up perfectly onto the wall.


Installation frame                                   

The optional installation frame makes it easy to mount these speakers in solid walls.


WFB Flex Bracket                            

The practical WFB Flex Bracket serves as a place marker during construction and is available for all InWall systems.


Swivel-mounted tweeters The tweeters can be swiveled, so they can be precisely... more


Installation speaker

Nom. /Music power handling

60 / 120 watts

SPL (1 watt/1m)

87.5 db

Frequency response

45…40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency

2.900 Hz


1 x 165 mm, ceramic


1 x 25 mm, ceramic

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Special Features

Reference Technology
Adjustable tweeter level
Adjustable tweeter
Gold-plated clamp contacts
removable grill (magnetic)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

22,3 x 31,7 x 8,5 cm

Installation opening

19,5 x 29 x 8,5 cm

Installation depth

8,5 cm

Ceiling thickness

max. 4 cm (6")


2 kg

Available accessories

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​WFB 650
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