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Karat Jubilée 3 – the best Karat of all times

For more than three decades, the KARAT Series has been setting new sound standards. On the occasion of its 35-year anniversary a limited edition of 100 pairs has been released: the KARAT Jubilée 3.

The KARAT Jubilée 3 brings form and function together in a new harmony. With its radical cabinet concept, cutting edge titanium oscillation systems and exclusive surfaces in black or white piano finish, it serves to reinforce the concept of “German loudspeaker tradition” complete with impressive sound quality.

Yet another milestone in the KARAT story, these loudspeakers are perfect for all music lovers who desire something special and who look for the latest technology coupled with exceptional design.

Special features

  • Sound-optimised cabinet design
  • Titanium woofers and midrange speakers
  • Ceramic tweeters
  • Exclusive “piano finish” surfaces
  • 4-way crossover
  • DC technology
  • Triple folded wave surround
  • Six-wire internal cabling
  • Hand engraved, numbered name plate


Bauhaus Rediscovered

Karat Klanoptimiertes Gehäuse

Sound-optimised cabinet

The extravagant cabinet design uses the construction principles of the legendary KARAT Reference. This demonstrated the impressive benefits of trapezoid cabinets for pure, unadulterated sound. In order to completely eliminate all undesirable sound elements caused by internal standing waves, the principle was further optimised for the Karat Jubilée 3.

Karat Solide Konstruktion

Solid construction

The computer-optimised cabinet geometry was implemented using a solid 22 mm HDF construction. Carefully positioned internal reinforcement ensures that all natural vibration is suppressed. The massive base plate lends stability to the loudspeaker as well as ensuring the optimum separation of the cabinet from the floor.

Limitierte Auflage

Limited edition

The special edition KARAT Jubilée 3 combines tradition and innovation in an impressive manner, with production limited to 100 pairs. The final touch sees every loudspeaker adorned with a hand engraved, numbered name plate, which makes each one unique.


Titanium technology

In the KARAT Jubilée 3, titanium is used for the first time in the membranes of both the midrange and woofer ranges. In combination with the latest generation of the now triple folded wave surround, this ensures a controlled, faultless swing-in and swing-out behaviour through to the highest frequencies. High quality front rings increase the stability of the loudspeaker systems still further.

Karat Tieftonchassis

Titanium woofer systems

In the KARAT Jubilée 3 two high performance 260 mm cone drivers give the required deep bass notes. They are supported by two equally large passive membranes. To achieve a balance of weight and power, the system is carefully configured, with one woofer and one passive membrane on each side of the cabinet. This avoids any loss of efficiency while increasing the stability of the bass range.

Karat Mitteltonchassis

Titanium midrange speakers

In order to have sufficient surface area of membrane in the critical crossover range, two midrange systems in a D’Appolito configuration work in parallel from a frequency of 130 Hz. In the upper midrange from 500 to 3,100 Hz a single system transmits the signal, as less membrane area is required. This results in optimal dispersion characteristics with outstanding spatial dimensions.

Karat Hochtonchassis

Ceramic tweeters

When it comes to pure, unadulterated reproduction, ceramic is the sound benchmark. It is unmatched in terms of offering the perfect combination of rigidity and lightness. The one-piece wave guide supports the dispersion characteristics of the system.


Selected Components

Karat 4-Wege Referenzweiche

4-way crossover network

A crossover network does more than just distribute the sound signals: As an important element in sound creation, it also ensures a balanced impedance response and improves the dispersion characteristics. The crossover of the KARAT Jubilée 3 is designed as a 4-way system.

Karat Anschlussfeld

Optimised connection terminals

Four gold-plated metal screwclamp terminals suitable for cable diameters up to 10 mm² and banana plugs enable bi-wiring and bi-amping operation. The high quality of the components ensures virtually loss free signal transmission.

Karat Verkabelung

Exclusive cabling

The six-wire internal cabling with special core and high end sheathing, which was specially designed for the Reference Series, is also used in the KARAT Jubilée 3. This ensures optimal signal transmission from the connection terminal through the crossover to the individual loudspeaker systems.


Exclusive piano finish

The unique surface of the KARAT Jubilée 3 in piano finish is sanded, varnished and polished in up to twelve work stages.

Lack weiß „Piano Finish“

White lacquer piano finish

Lack schwarz „Piano Finish“

Black lacquer piano finish


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